Examples of client projects

Below are some examples of projects we successfully have implemented together with our clients:

  • Define and implement the desired corporate culture.
  • Implement a unified feedback and coaching culture based on the corporate values in order to retain and attract talents.
  • Help in the success after a merger process in order to make sure cultural integration is successful.
  • Helping top key account managers responsible for major deals go from push selling to value based selling.
  • Implementation of the desired strategy by breaking down key performance indicators into trainable behaviors and attitudes.
  • Individual coaching of top executives contributing to a “walk the talk” management style and sharper influencing skills.
  • Sales team coaching, creating the best conditions for the sales force to succeed by sharp coaching and feedback skills.
  • Design and implement talent management programs. The program giving special recognition to talents and aid in their personal development as managers.
  • Help key negotiators to win better and more profitable contracts.