Our Methodology

We help our participants to discover their strengths and points for improvements by a challenging and result oriented approach called positive confrontation.

All our interventions are based on a thorough business analyses in order to define the desired goals of our clients’;  change projects, trainings- and coaching programs. We help people and organizations to “walk the talk”. Our programs are designed; with the highest quality, sustainable personal-and organizational impact in mind. We work on three different levels in order to secure the outcome:

Mindset Influence thinking patters. Different thinking patterns will facilitate different types of behavior responses. By challenging existing mindsets and helping participants to discover the alternatives, new and more effective  behaviors are developed.

Toolset Participants will receive and train pragmatic tools,  ready to be implemented directly in everyday business environment. The tools are straight forward, effective and easy to use without complicated models.

Skillset – The techniques required to use the different tools.

The Benefits

Impactful and time efficient

The methodology has been proven to be extremely impactful focusing on what participants actually are doing, not what they think they are doing. The approach is also highly time efficient and suites clients well who value their time.

Result oriented

The participants are the masters themselves in their own business environment and therefore coached to transfer the learning’s for implementation in day to day business.  When success is repeated over time, new and sustainable habits are created.

Motivating and engaging

We provide a highly motivating and engaging training& coaching style were participants are helped to close the “know how show how gap. In our training/coaching/workshop participants will not be able to hide and will be positively challenged to participate to the fullest.

Creating a common corporate culture 

A corporate culture could be seen as the collective sums of behaviors and attitudes in an organization. When a critical mass of participants are following the same program a shared way of acting will be the result hence implementing walk the talkcorporate culture.